Quote of the season: “In our age the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action” Dag Hammerskjold

A Prayer for Christmas

Saviour of the world, born in a stable at
Bethlehem, we celebrate your birth, safe
with our families and friends in the warmth and security
of our homes.

Grant that in the midst of our joy, we
may not forget those who are imprisoned,
tortured and suffering great anguish and pain.
Help us to lift up to you those who live in fear
of the knock on the door, the abduction in the street,
or the assassin’s bullet.
May we stand alongside them in their
suffering and fear and in the suffering of their families
Comfort them with the knowledge that
they are remembered and that nothing
can separate them from Your love.


May Jesus our infant Saviour Give you
the Joy of the Bethlehem shepherds,
the awe of the worshipping sages,
and the humility and love of the
Holy Family:
And the Blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son
and Holy Spirit, be with you and remain
with you for ever. Amen